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Autodial Telephone Systems



  Add Remotes to this unit for easy entry!  This allows authorized people to open the relay/door strike/gate at their convenience at a further distance than the prox unit.

Receiver Board: MSRP $150

Remotes:  MSRP $40 each up to 50.  Further discount for larger numbers

New RF Remote Option Description Link

8 h x 5 w x 4 d at top, 3 d at base

 PN:  02A00420TP


Link to Teleprox Data Sheet




The Teleprox is a hands-free single button telephone auto dialer used as a stand-alone entry host for RFID proximity access cards, through its 26-bit Weigand protocol interface card. The new Teleprox is finding major applications in industrial /commercial access control. Primary entry is executed through the RFID proximity reader that is serviced by the Teleprox's microprocessor as a stand-alone entry host. Backup entry is executed by pressing the single call button to initiate the autodialing of the primary telephone number. If the number is busy or does not answer, the Teleprox will hang up and dial up to nine 'backup' numbers. When the call is answered and the visitor is identified, the called individual can press "0" to grant entry or press "9" to activate a camera for visual identification,

A call progress lamp is provided on the front of the unit for the benefit of the hearing impaired. When the CALL button is pressed, the lamp flashes to indicate a call being placed. When the call is answered, and the unit recognizes that someone is speaking to the unit, the lamp glows continuously.

bullet One button telephone access control for industrial/commercial buildings.
bullet Ten (10) number rollover.
bullet Up to 1,000 entry card capacity
bullet Compact design
bullet 12 volt AC or 12 volt DC powered.
bullet (2) 5 amp form "C" dry contact relays.
bullet Supports all Weigand 26 bit protocol.
bullet Full duplex communication.
bullet #316 stainless steel.
bullet Up to 12 digit telephone numbers.
bullet Rotary or touch-tone compatible.
bullet Programmable site ID.
bullet Remotely programmable from any touch-tone telephone or with TrigonLink
bullet Optional TrigonLink Software



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New Unit!
  This unit was developed after many requests for a compact auto-dial unit with an integrated prox that mounted easily to a gooseneck in particular.